Tanso hair glue volume 150 ml


چسب مو تانسو محصول شرکت داروگستر هجرت میباشد که با فرمولاسیون منحصر به فرد خود هیچگونه احساس چسبندگی و ناخوشایند روی موها ایجاد نمی کند و تاثیر ماندگار و مرطوبی دارد.

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Tansu Hair Glue Review

Hair glue is one of the things that is used to style the hair and keep it stable. It must have happened to you that you styled your hair and wanted it to stay that way. You can use hair glue to keep the hair in the desired position. Tanso hair glue is a product of Darugster Hijrat Company, which with its unique formulation does not create any sticky and unpleasant feeling on the hair and has a lasting and moisturizing effect.

What is hair glue

This question may come to you! Hair glue has a very sticky state and when you put it on the hair, it gives a stable condition to your hair. In case you have to use a hair conditioner, you want your hair style to be stable and not change at all. Do not use this product better if you want to condition your hair later or if its condition changes.

Tansu hair glue has a volume of 150 ml and its composition is non-alcoholic; For this reason, it does not cause allergies and itching on the scalp.

This product penetrates between the hair in the shortest possible time and will stabilize the condition of the hair. The moisturizing compounds in this product, while maintaining the softness of the hair shaft, prevent dryness and brittleness in the hair strands. In addition, Tansu hair glue has a very high durability and is therefore a very suitable option for daily use by people.

Features of Tansu hair glue

Very powerful modifier
Maintains the natural structure of the hair
Very strong durability
Hair conditioning
Maintain hair condition
Hair shine
Maintain the natural state of the hair
Ability to use it for all hair types

The difference between hair glue and hair wax

The general structure of Tansu hair glue is made of special and complex materials, which due to having the same raw materials, the strength of hair glue is much more than hair gel. Of course, hair gel is designed to hold hair in a convenient place for a short time, but, hair glue can show more resistance.

Using the special structure of hair glue, one part of the hair can be easily attached to another part. At this time, a special and unique part is created which is known as a hair sculpture. The hair sculpt is the part where you use glue and for some reason, they become stiff.

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