Tanso hair wax model garlic extract volume 150 ml


Hair wax is used as a hair gel to condition the hair, but nevertheless the wax does not dry like a gel. It does not affect the hair and has a lasting and moisturizing effect.

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Review of Tansu Garlic Wax Hair Wax

Hair wax is used as a hair gel to condition the hair, but it does not dry out like a gel. However, it can condition the hair like a gel. But in addition to shining hair, hair wax has a relatively good level of conditioning and is more popular among men because it does not dry like a gel. Tanso Bowl Hair Wax is a product of Garlic Extract Company, a product of Darogstar Hijrat Company, which with its unique formulation does not cause any sticky and unpleasant feeling on the hair and has a lasting and moisturizing effect.

Tanso bowl hair wax has a garlic extract volume of 150 ml and its ingredients are non-alcoholic; For this reason, it does not cause allergies and itching on the scalp.

This product penetrates between the hair in the shortest possible time and will stabilize the condition of the hair. The moisturizing compounds in this product, while maintaining the softness of the hair shaft, prevent dryness and brittleness in the hair strands. In addition, Tansu hair wax has a very long shelf life and is therefore a very suitable option for daily use.

Features of Tansu hair wax

Very powerful modifier
Maintains the natural structure of the hair
Rich in vitamins
Very strong durability
Natural style
Hair conditioning
Maintain hair condition
Hair shine
Provide the required moisture to the hair
Maintain the natural state of the hair
Removes dry hair
Maintain hair flexibility
Prevent conjunctivitis
Ability to use it for all hair types
Easy to use
Easy washing

useing method

Style your hair:

To begin, dip your fingers into your hair and try to bring it to the position you want. Then try to condition the hair by adding wax.

Apply a layer of wax:

One of the things you need to do is apply a layer of wax to your hair. This way the hair looks thicker. So when using it, first tap it with your fingertips and then try to reach it to all parts of the hair.

Hair dryer:

After applying the wax to all parts of the hair and applying the condition you wanted, it’s time to stabilize the condition by blow-drying your hair. Also, using a hair dryer after waxing makes the hair look thicker and prevents the hair from sticking together.

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