Tanso paraffin oil volume 60 ml


Tansu paraffin oil is a very practical product from Darogster Hijrat Company, which can be used to show with a few arrows.

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Tansu Paraffin Oil Review

When it comes to paraffin, most of us think of candles. But paraffin does not mean candle paraffin here. Paraffin oil is a clear and odorless oil and is one of the most widely used mineral oils. Refined liquid paraffin is used in many cosmetics and skin and hair care products. Because this oil has high emollient properties. In addition, sanitary paraffin is used in industry to polish surfaces such as wood, plastic, parquet, car dashboards, etc. Paraffin Tanso oil is the best type of hygienic paraffin that is used for both.

Tansu paraffin oil is a very practical product from Darogster Hijrat Company, which can be used to show with a few arrows. In the following, you will become more familiar with the applications and features of this product.

Paraffin oil for wood and other surfaces

There are various products and combinations on the market for polishing and polishing surfaces. But most of these products are chemical and contain compounds that may indirectly enter our body.

Paraffin oil is the safest polish for all types of surfaces. You can use this natural polish to polish wood, car interior surfaces, parquet, etc. The positive point of using paraffin for these purposes is that when used, unlike other coolants, its contact with the skin does not cause damage to the skin.

Hygienic paraffin for the skin

The benefits of oral paraffin oil for hair and skin have been proven for many of us. But it is interesting to know that hygienic paraffin is also very effective for softening and relieving dry skin. This type of paraffin can also be effective in removing dead skin cells and regenerating the skin. For this reason, this oil is used in many skin care products and cosmetics.

Features of Tansu paraffin oil

Surface polishing
Wood polisher
Natural emollient for the skin
Helps regenerate dry skin with eczema
Can be used in cosmetic creams and Vaseline

How to use

To use this product, whether softening the skin or polishing wood and other surfaces, it is enough to spread a suitable amount of it on the desired surface. For surfaces, you can also use auxiliary tools such as clouds and sponges.

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